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Why Is This VIP Program Uniquely Designed to Help Me?

If you wish you had $1.00 for every diet and exercise/gym program you have attempted, then you are in the right place. Do you have feelings of frustration, failure, and a closet full of several sizes?

With over 50 years of losing and gaining weight coupled with my expertise as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I have created this unique program for women 45 and over. Now after years of spending money, trying crazy food programs, signing up for national weight loss companies, joining gyms and then experiencing menopause and finding no answers, I knew there had to be a saner approach. There is so much noise and confusion, and medical doctors often answer with a pill or a procedure. Why? I used myself as a challenge and followed a program with real food and continuous support. I realized that wasn’t enough. Each person is unique and their bodies react differently to food. Plus, everyone has different likes and dislikes. The program can manage stress, including how we exercise. Many women are exercising in a counter-productive way to balance the all-important hormone – cortisol. Putting it all together prepared me to bring this incredible life changing program to you.

I know that my issues with food began as a young child living with very young parents, a father who traveled and who left when I was about 5. Food became my savior, my way of filling up all the lonely, depressed places. Our relationship with food begins where we begin and it is a journey with have for a lifetime-my years as a hypnotist also reinforced the power of the subconscious mind. Now, working with hundreds of clients on our unique Maynestreet Weight Loss program, I know that my Women’s VIP Program puts all the pieces together to help other women win the battle with weight, improve their health and boost their self-confidence to know they are loved, valued and perfect.

Are you determined to stay active and healthy? Are you experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, trouble getting to or staying asleep, joint pain, digestive issues, headaches or migraines, or belly weight that won’t go away no matter what you do? Does your family have a history of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, or other chronic illnesses that you want to mitigate as best you can? These could indicate that your body needs a different health and weight release approach.

Here’s a quote from one of our many successful program clients who was dealing with a gynecological health issue before our program:

“I would like to share a non-scale victory-I had my yearly GYN appt.  yesterday and when my doctor realized my weight loss since my last visit (57 lbs), she was ecstatic!!! We literally talked about the program and benefits for the whole appt. She said weight loss was the single best thing I could do to maintain genealogical health. She stated my BMI was perfectly in range and everything was good!! When I left she said I should pat myself on the back for a job well done! Something you don’t hear too often from the doctor’s office. It made me proud” Katie R. Katie is just one example of how we focus on health and on each person’s unique bio-individuality.

This program differs in so many ways from others I have tried and likely you have. This program is

  • Uniquely designed for YOU – fits your lifestyle so it is sustainable.
  • Daily text support & accountability – keeps you on track, motivated, and answers questions.
  • Two monthly one hour Zoom coaching sessions – dive into your relationship with food and other areas of your life.
  • Hypnosis for relaxaton and behavior modification – relaxation and grounding techniques you can use.
  • Weight loss program with real food – you choose what you eat within guidelines.
  • A full year of our 5 program vitamins – Specially selected to support your health and weight loss journey.
  • Exclusive Balancing Weight Loss Support Formula – tailored to help balance your hormones and enhance your overall well-being.
  • No drugs, chemicals, injections, hormones or weird food plans 
  • The program teaches you to maintain your ideal weight easily and effortlessly.

Phyllis H reached a plateau but stuck with the program. Here she tells us: “Today is day 100 for me. I am down 42 lbs!! I feel great! My arthritis and “bad knee” are so much better, I sleep better, I have energy and have lost a grand total of 36. 5 inches!!!! It seems unbelievable but I am living this dream. I haven’t felt hungry or deprived. “

This holistic approach to food and coaching can help everyone.

Lori is a strict vegetarian and was ecstatic about finding a program that would work for her“Hey everyone…first time for me on here…I am a strict vegetarian on day 6 and am down 10 lbs.  I get my protein from boca burgers, eggs, and tofu.  Feeling great…so easy to follow…the accountability and encouragement is vital for me…vegetarians out there, you can do this plan and remain true to your beliefs…can’t wait to get on scale every morning!  Looking forward to continuing my progress!” Lori C.

Together on this one year journey you will:

  • Understand your relationship with food.
  • Find your ideal healthy weight and stay there.
  • Become great at reducing stress.
  • Learn how to ground yourself in overwhelming situations.
  • Learn how to use self-hypnosis.
  • Uncover blocks that keep you from getting to where you want to go.
  • Thrive with new confidence and motivation.

Please take my Online Assessment (below) if this resonates with you. Once I receive it, I will reach out to set up a 30-minute complimentary no-obligation Zoom with you to determine if this is a good fit for both of us. At the very least, you will come away with knowledge to help you. At the very most, you will begin a one-year journey that will change your life.


Woman’s VIP Program Pricing

As we delve into the rich offerings of the program, including these comprehensive supports, it’s vital to discuss the commitment required to achieve the transformative results you seek.

The VIP Program is structured as a year-long journey towards better health and well-being. This comprehensive, personalized service is available at a monthly rate of $1,500. For those ready to commit to the entire year upfront, we offer a special annual rate of $15,000, allowing you to save $3,000 compared to the monthly payments.

Please note that whether you choose the monthly or the annual payment option, the program is designed as a 12-month commitment. This duration is essential for achieving and sustaining the profound changes we aim for in your health and life.

We ask that only those ready to commit both financially and personally to this one-year journey consider enrolling in the program. This commitment is pivotal in ensuring the highest personalized care and achieving lasting transformation.”

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